In today’s competitive environment it is “mandatory” to be customer-centric, to have a complete view over the business processes and constantly improve efficiency.

Even companies having integrated systems to support their business processes are using several different applications to handle their special requirements. Usually, these systems are partially interconnected (sometimes only by “human interface”) resulting problems like bad data quality, lack of integration, inconsistent reports, long response time to data requests, etc.

The solution to these problems is to build a Data Warehouse that provides a complete, integrated view of the company’s business processes and activities. The Data Warehouse collects and integrates the data from the separate operational systems and stores the history of these data so that the different business processes, customer or product-related activities could be analyzed and the information required for strategic or operative decisions could be easily provided. Besides these, the Data Warehouse removes the reporting related burden from the operational systems by providing access to and analysis tools on the detailed transactional data.

According to the latest trends the Data Warehouse no more used for reporting & analysis only, but it became an active part of the operative processes by providing feedback to the operational systems, with services like recommendations, churn detection, targeted marketing support, etc.

Meta Consulting has several years of experience in Data Warehousing. We help our customers in designing and implementing “traditional” and cloud-based Data Warehouses, too.